Mashin' Jackson - The Untold Story

Mashin' Jackson - The Untold Story
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Mashin’ Jackson – The Untold Story (a Voicedude Mashumentary)

Mashin’ Jackson – The Untold Story by Mashin' Jackson

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  1. an Untold review

    the opening to the R.I.P. mix is really pleasant and then all hell breaks loose!
    heaven only knows(no pun intended)
    "got to be there!!!"

    the whole billy doggett segment was ha-freakin-larious! who woulda thunk it!!

    the diana twins. Creepy! that it would've sounded like this back then!

    little sister dialog before the song..into a crisp recording
    that's picture perfect

    she said she said segment was hilarious to me. i really like that song too.

    cars(mash) is real nice, hehee

    the billy joel one went together well too.. esp. with the ah-boo boob boo boo..whoa whoa whoa, that was funny.

    another trip on me was cool, love the floyd

    then we have the epic beat it, all night long. that's good no matter who you are!

    black magic thriller was an original as far as im concerned

    for the billy idol one, i liked Jackson's rebel yell into the solo!

    black door or white santa was...silly.

    i've heard a few teen spirit mashups and that has to be on top of my list.
    i like that the lyrics remain constant over the transitions in the music.
    kinda gives the songs a new shape

    subject wise, the bad without me was really cool because of Eminem rappin "i'm not the first "king" of "controversy", i am the worst thing since elvis presley to do "black music" so selfishly..."
    also the "nahh nahh nah, as Jackson was singin, "ya know i'm bad!"

    i'm sure the taylor swift one is just fine.. not a fan!

    the smooth criminal connection to "911", ahh haa! i dont know why im just noticing that.

    bonus tracks:

    gimme more billie - another original

    it's bad in the ghetto - i saw this video on youtube last week, sure wish i knew how make videos like that!

    bottom line i guess..
    never gonna please everyone. always great to hear different interpretations.
    i listen to a lot of the guys on the beatles remixers site and have about 400 of those things on my iPod.
    it's just pure craziness. never knowing what the hell i'm listening to; it's fun!